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Our Mission...

Our commitment to excellence in all our endeavors and to being visionary.

Earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of our customers by serving them so well that they profit from their association with us.

Provide our people the highest degree of opportunity and challenge for the realization of their ambition in terms of career, rewards and family security.

Be fair and courteous with our suppliers to encourage their contributions to our success.

Not malign our competitors, but to gain their respect by ethical practices in our own business.

Be good citizens of our communities.


Our Vision...

Our People to say:

A.C.T. is the best place to work in terms of career, rewards, and family security!

Our Customers to say:

A.C.T. is the best place to do business with!

Our Suppliers to say:

A.C.T. is the best business partner we have!

Our Competitors to say:

We wish to emulate A.C.T.