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Innovative Business Approaches
A.C.T.’s business plan is to build a technically knowledgeable company that could survey a potential customer’s plant and recommend changes to improve various aspects of their operation.
This means educating the ‘A’ team, and thus investing in its biggest asset... its people.
It is this technical ability that has allowed Alf to travel to many different countries in order to source the top brands of industrial products, some of which are now exclusive to A.C.T.
Due to the company’s flexibility, size, knowledgeable staff and relationship with its suppliers, A.C.T. has been able to respond quickly to its customers needs, and to provide the best solutions available.

The company’s strategically located branches and extensive network of suppliers throughout the global village ensure its customers have the products they need, when and where they need them.



A.C.T. Equipment Sales Ltd was selected as a regional finalist in Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies
program in 1999.

A state-of-the-art computerized system meets customers’ needs quickly and accurately. This system tracks the status of any specific tool, including service, part numbers and cost breakdown.



A.C.T.’s in-house desktop publishing capabilities allow us to print our own product catalogues and provide our customers as well as inside and outside sales staff the necessary tools for better communication.
A.C.T. sales representatives visit customers regularly to monitor their needs on a first-hand basis.


The very ethos of A.C.T. is based on integrating people,
process, and technology to provide cost-effective
solutions to customer needs.